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Jolene Taylor Jacobs

Ever since taking her first Creative Writing Class over thirty years ago, Jolene Jacobs has enjoyed to write.  She got great pleasure putting the pen to paper, and telling stories about children and animals.  Their innocence and ability to give love without asking for anything in return, proved to her there was something good in the world... something that made all the struggles worth it.

Being very modest and humble, Jolene found that the one subject she had problems with was writing about herself.  That was where Brandy came in.  The loveable Cockapoo gave her a way to tell about her amazing road back to recovery, without the drudgery.  All of a sudden, she was able to pour her heart out, recapping the highs and lows through her "Therapy Dog's" eyes.

Jolene has lived the last 14 years in Southwest Florida, with her husband, Scott.  She enjoys gardening, scrap-booking, singing karaoke, and spending time with friends.  Both she and her husband enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, and doing what they can to help each other make each moment count!


Another Biscuit, Please...
Jolene Taylor Jacobs

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