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The exciting sequel to Shadow of Death...
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We're excited to announce our new Amazon Store for easy purchase to our print and e-books. 
We have also cruised 'Across the Pond' to affiliate with our UK publishing friends from Strict Publishing International.  They have a fine selection on Young Adult fiction from talented authors which will be available through Mystic Mustangs Publishing.  Check back often as we add new titles.
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Mustang Rescue page.
Yes, beyond the books, Linda has a non-profit organization that is a sanctuary for rescued horses and mustangs!  She usually has six or seven horse referrals she works tirelessly to rehabilitate, along with the mustangs she took in several years ago. Click on her site for information and pictures on the wonderful work the Romans and their volunteers do with the mustangs and the other traumatized horses.
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It's a growing masterpiece of information and comments concerning mustangs and horses... and of course, the books.  Leave comments and suggestions.  We'd love to hear from you!
Mystic Mustangs Publishing was created to support not only Linda's horse sanctuary, but to eventually help other small sanctuaries and independent horse owners that the rescue organizations contact and lead abused, neglected or mistreated horses to.  Currently, there are more than 70 of these animals in our territory alone in need of feed, hay, fencing, Vet bills... all these add up.  Many of the sanctuaries, like Linda's, are primarily supported through small fundraisers or personal funds.  A portion of the sales of the Mystic Mustangs Books is being donated to the charity, so along with reading a great book... you'll be helping the horses.  We thank you!

Linda and Candace


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Benders is a contemporary transgender suspense novel. It is a great read by a new author with an easy to read writing style. This novel takes the reader into the steamy underworld of hustlers and nightclubs hidden from everyday life.
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Loved this book!
The Diamond Caper
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The Daimond Caper is a Nancy Drew type mystery, written by a talented new author. The story follows fifteen year old Crystal O'Mally as she tries to follow in the footsteps of her favorite novel detective. http://www.mysticmustangsbooks...