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Jonathan Orlando Woolf's suspenseful novel, Benders, is a contemporary thriller taking place in the steamy underworld of California.

Miranda Stauffer's novel, Shadow of Death, is an epic story of World War forbidden romance.

Mystic Mustangs is a paranormal novel with shape-shifters struggling to protect the Pryor Mountain Mustangs.


Lamentations, the Jonathan Orlando Woolf's second novel, is a tale of voodoo curses and intrigue in the bayous.

Rebecca Rembish's young adult novel, texting tyler, is a contemporary teen romance of a long distance relationship facilitated (or confused) by the use of texting on cell phones.  

taming tyler follows the parallel course of Tyler's life from author Rebecca Rembish's popular YA romance, texting tyler    
 In this sequel to Shadow of Death, in Voices of the Dead author Miranda Stauffer continues the love story of Derek and Analise.  
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Benders is a contemporary transgender suspense novel. It is a great read by a new author with an easy to read writing style. This novel takes the reader into the steamy underworld of hustlers and nightclubs hidden from everyday life.
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Loved this book!
The Diamond Caper
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The Daimond Caper is a Nancy Drew type mystery, written by a talented new author. The story follows fifteen year old Crystal O'Mally as she tries to follow in the footsteps of her favorite novel detective. http://www.mysticmustangsbooks...