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Welcome to Mystic Mustangs Publishing.  We are a new publishing company looking forward to presenting quality works and stories.
A portion of Mystic Mustangs Publishing profits is donated to rescue sanctuaries for mustangs and neglected horses.  Disclosure:  Linda has a registered non-profit sanctuary for horses.  You can follow the link above.  Our donations will not be limited to her sanctuary.  We hope to be able to donate to small, individual legitimate rescue organizations and help these wonderful caretakers continue their work.  (Note:  Donated funding is taken from the publisher’s portion of Royalties after net disbursal is made to our authors.  No donated funds will come from our Authors’ share of the Royalty payments.)
Mystic Mustangs Publishing is currently open for Fictional submissions in the following genres:
  •  Alternative History
  •  Apocalyptic
  •  Fantasy
  •  Futuristic / Sci-Fi
  •  Paranormal
  •  Suspense
  •  Westerns
  •  Young Adult
  •  Romance
We do not accept explicit erotica works, autobiographies or poetry at this time.  Mystic Mustangs Publishing will not accept manuscripts including pedophilia, bestiality (with the exception of shape-shifters), necrophilia (with the exception of vampires or zombies) or fan-fiction.  Mystic Mustangs Publishing will not consider works that justify or excuse harm or abuse to persons or animals in your work.  This is not to say that your work can not refer to an incident you are seeking to redeem.
Example:  The Mustang Series deals with the real situation of cruelty to mustangs and incidents of actual reported abuse are referred to, but not glorified as acceptable methods to work with the horses.  The ultimate goal is to alleviate this abuse.
We adore a good love story.  If your novel is a Historical Romance, please research and check your facts.  There are several good websites that list specific time-period details for romance writers.  In other words, if you’re novel takes place in the 18th century, leave out the convertible sports coupe kicking up dust as your hero sweeps the damsel out of her life-threatening situation while checking her cell phone for text messages.  Naturally, if your story is ‘Alternative History’ this rule is flexible.
Your manuscript should be complete before you submit your Query.  If your book is accepted for publication, Mystic Mustangs Publishing will edit your work, but we do expect the author to present a professional manuscript as free from errors as possible.  Please use your grammar/spell-check function in your word processing or novel writing software.
Mystic Mustangs Publishing is looking for outstanding new and existing writing talent.  You do not need an agent to Query with us.  We want stories that hook us from the first page, evoking our emotions and keeping us riveted until the last page.  Mastery of plot flow, tension, intrigue, motivation, along with believable characters and dialogue, should complement the story.
Mystic Mustangs Publishing does not offer advances.  We have a generous Royalty Rate of 50% net of e-book downloads (the amount we receive from various re-sellers) and 10% net from print sales.  Authors may purchase print copies of their books from Mystic Mustangs Publishing at a discount rate.
Mystic Mustangs Publishing will edit your manuscript and format your book into the various styles required by the popular resale sites.  We will design a professional book cover, provide your book with the required e-book and print ISBN numbers, and list your book for sale on our website and blog.  Your print copy will be available from several online book sites, but chances are they will not be stocked in ‘brick and mortar’ stores.   The author is free to order discounted copies from Mystic Mustangs Publishing for re-sale and promotion.
The author should have a marketing plan in place.  Begin your author brand with a website and online presence in social networks and blogs.  Mystic Mustangs Publishing will be offering the exclusive services of a marketing social network setup business, not affiliated with our company.  For a small one time fee, several package opportunities will be available to establish your novel online.  Please check back soon for this offering.  The author’s voice is always the most engaging for their fans.
Will I make a fortune and be able to quit my ‘day job’?
It is quite possible to make a comfortable living off your writing, but there are no guarantees.  Your remarkable story and unique writing voice help determine your sales, along with your marketing efforts to build your name recognition.
So, how can I help assure my book will sell?
This depends on the popularity of your subject, writing style, and your efforts with promotion.  Through your website and blog, ask readers to leave reviews on the sites they purchased your book from.  A good reader review is one of your most valuable marketing tools and reaps the greatest ‘impulse buying’ rewards.  Perseverance, quality writing, and consistent marketing are the key.  Look for what is selling well and add your unique personal twist to the story.
Note:  We will drop you like a ‘hot potato’ if we find you have plagiarized another author’s work.  You can certainly write about a girl meeting a vampire in her small town… but if she happens to be the new school outcast with a shimmering vampire vying for her attention against a shape-shifter, with a rather distant mother and father striving to rebuild his relationship with her while he’s solving mysterious backwoods murders… um, no!
How often will I be paid?
Currently, we have set up our accounting to pay quarterly, as this is when most of the major resellers pay us.  As we find resellers paying out monthly, we will consider adjusting our Royalty payment schedule.
Do you accept previously published works?
Sorry, not at this time.  If only a small portion of your work was entered in a contest or such, you may Query us on this.  If the entire work has been available for readers, it is no longer a ‘new’ story.
Will my book be available in print?
All books over 60,000 words will be considered for print.  Shorter books will be considered based on e-book popularity and sales.
Where will my book be sold?
Most e-books will be sold on the Mystic Mustangs Publishing site, as well as Amazon US and International sites, Barnes  & Noble online, Smashwords, IBooks, Kobo, Omni-Lit, All Romance Ebooks, Fiction4All and other sites specifically promoting within the genre of your book subject.  We are constantly adding new sales channels and invite authors’ inquiries to new sites they would like to see their work promoted through.  Print books will be available on Amazon sites, Barnes & Noble online, ‘brick and mortar’ catalogues, and other sites.
Can I submit my own book cover art?
We would be happy to consider your idea if you own all rights to the graphic, however, we reserve the right to discuss revisions or provide our own cover if we think it fits the market better.
What rights does Mystic Mustangs Publishing own?
We ask for exclusive electronic and print rights for three years.  The author will retain ownership of their work, and the author is responsible for filing and fees for a copyright, should they desire one.  Generally, once a work is published online or in print it is accepted as copyrighted.  There are many online sources describing the possible benefits or necessity for a registered copyright.  Mystic Mustangs Publishing retains the rights to promote your book through advertising endeavors including sales of physical items that contain the cover image, title and author's name.
How long will it take to get a response from Mystic Mustangs Publishing?
It depends on our backlog of books to review.  We will respond within three days to let you know we have received and reviewed your Query, and try to give you a better idea how long the review process will take.  If you do not receive an initial response within four days, please contact us and make sure your Query was not lost in cyber-world.  Please advise Mystic Mustangs Publishing if you have sent your Query out for simultaneous review and let us know if you have accepted publication with another publisher.
Do you accept paper submissions?
No.  All Queries and manuscripts must be submitted electronically.
Do you accept short stories?
Unless we are asking for shorter works as we begin compiling anthologies, the minimum we will consider is 10,000 words.  It must follow our guidelines as a complete, well rounded story and may be combined with ‘like’ shorter works into a single book for sale.  This will be discussed with the author on individual basis.
What about taxes?
Mystic Mustangs Publishing does not withhold taxes from Royalties.  All taxes are the author’s responsibility.  There are several online resources advising writers of expenses and such you should keep track of.
If my book is accepted for publication, how long will it take before it is published?
This depends on our backlog of books and the length of time it takes to go through the editing process.  You have put a lot of time and effort into your story, and Mystic Mustangs Publishing strives to produce a professionally produced book.  Generally, your book will be published within a month of final edit and approval.
Do you charge for editing, formatting, or cover art?
No.  Mystic Mustangs Publishing is not a vanity press.  We do not charge our authors for publishing with us, other than our share of the Royalties.
            Short Stories – 10k to 15K
            Novellas – 16k to 49k
            Novel – 50k to 90k
            Epic – 91k to 150k
            Works longer than 150k may be considered.
Mystic Mustangs Publishing is only interested in Queries for completed manuscripts.  Make sure you have used the Grammar and Spellcheck features in your Word Processing program.  Your manuscript will be reviewed by an editor, but we will not consider 'Draft' copies of a project.
Please submit your Query as follows:
Submit your Query to mysticmustangspublishing@gmail.com.  In the subject line, please type:  ‘Submission - YOUR BOOK TITLE’.
In your Query, please include:
Email address
Pen Name (if applicable)
Physical Mailing Address
Contact Phone Number
Working Title (include series name and volume number if applicable)
Word Count
A short blurb describing your book.  Don’t be shy… knock our socks off!  This should be no more than three paragraphs and grab our attention.  Your blurb should be similar to the copy you find on the back cover of books and make us want to read your story.
As a separate .doc or .rtf attachment:
A one page synopsis of your book, including the ending.  (Hint: Give the highlight of each chapter, indicating the major point of conflict, interest, or resolution.)
As a separate attachment:
Please send us your completed manuscript:
  •  .rtf or .doc only
  •  12pt black font – Times New Roman preferred
  •  Paragraph indent for first line, 0.5”.  (Use word processing functions to indent new paragraphs.   Do not tab or use the space bar.)
  •  Insert page-breaks between chapters
  •  Do not use ‘Style Elements’ or ‘Section Breaks’
  •  No headers, footers, or page numbers
Note:  These are basic rules for submission, but sometimes authors are a bit unsure about the terms.  We want to see your manuscript, so although we prefer the above format, do not let the rules keep you from submitting to us.
Formatting the first page of your manuscript:
            Email address in the top left corner
            In the middle of the page:
Real Name (if different, regular print)
Note:  We respect our authors’ anonymity, and at your request your real name will not appear in the published book as author or copyright holder.
Formatting chapter headings:
Center/Bold with Roman numeral
Chapter I – Chapter Name (if applicable)
Note:  You do not need to have chapter names.
If you have any questions not answered above, please email us with ‘Publishing Question’ in the subject line to mysticmustangspublishing@gmail.com.
Thank you for considering Mystic Mustangs Publishing for your manuscript.  We look forward to working with you.
Linda and Candace


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