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The Life and Times of Bill Troutwine


Bill Troutwine, shares memoirs of a fascinating life through his flourish for storytelling. With a story that begins in Kentucky, a move to Montana, and circling back to Kentucky…which includes a wild ride with Indian Joe through Canada…Bill describes harrowing flights with tragedy avoided solely through his expertise in his many years in aviation, a dangerous, life-threatening hunting expedition in Alaska and near death experiences during his career in law enforcement. His masterful, storytelling style takes the reader on a fast-paced ride through the life of “The Last Gunslinger”.


Bill Troutwine’s story is one every person, on both sides of the law, will enjoy.  Not knowing if he wanted to be a cowboy or a pilot, law enforcement and aviation became Bill’s passion.  Loving a good challenge, often times led Bill into situations where escape seemed impossible.  Read what he did when facing lean times as a bounty hunter.  Learn how he and his buddies survived when dropped off in Alaska as the temperature drops and keeps dropping with the plane not due back for over a week.  What about how he bought a place in Montana on a whim… then told his wife in Kentucky!  Being invited on a “free fishing trip” that turns into a revenge payback.  And as hard as it is to believe, as late as 1970, there were lawless towns, wrecking mayhem and keeping their own laws… until Bill became sheriff.  Enjoying a good bear, cougar or elk hunt as much as he did, inevitably led to a confrontation with one or another!  Rescuing a hunter who shot himself in the butt, an international kidnapping, having his wife threatened, these are just a few of the situations Bill has found himself adventure, hear from his wife, children and family what it was, and is, like, having Bill as a husband, father, brother and friend.  His masterful storytelling style takes the reader on a fast-paced ride through the life of “The Last Gunslinger”.  Get lost in the adventure.
Autobiography Memoir - 61,000 words
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