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Bill Troutwine

Bill Troutwine’s story is one every person, on both sides of the law, will enjoy.  Not knowing if he wanted to be a cowboy or a pilot, law enforcement and aviation became Bill’s passion.  Loving a good challenge, often times led Bill into situations where escape seemed impossible.  

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Benders is a contemporary transgender suspense novel. It is a great read by a new author with an easy to read writing style. This novel takes the reader into the steamy underworld of hustlers and nightclubs hidden from everyday life.
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Loved this book!
The Diamond Caper
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The Daimond Caper is a Nancy Drew type mystery, written by a talented new author. The story follows fifteen year old Crystal O'Mally as she tries to follow in the footsteps of her favorite novel detective. http://www.mysticmustangsbooks...